Cityscape Repairman – Oculus mobile VR Jam Finalist

Cityscape Repairman

Cityscape is a massive infrastructure that requires consent maintenance in order to function properly. As the Repairman, it is your duty to ensure that all broken industrial elements of the city are fixed in a timely manor. Without your efforts Cityscape would simply stop functioning. Your services are appreciated!


Using a gamepad, you will navigate your character through small industrial scenes. You will complete tasks such as repairing broken machines, replacing fuses, solving puzzles and fighting off enemy robots.


Cityscape Repairman is designed to be as comfortable as possible in the Gear VR. The only camera movement is your head rotation, there is no loco motion (except for a slow elevator rides). Green textures are used as much as possible to make the best use of the Note 4 screen. Submission Page:

Download for DK2:

SDK  0.6:!9kRkkbAD!35qd8Tm1MXAqOsVgvXTshGE73VfPczKRkge2CYHTjVg SDK 0.5:!59gEUS4T!t3dUO6B2Ud88E5SeewdFJSiieUWC_x41zPwwSPWx4_g

Please vote at the submission page:

Download APK:


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