Cityscape Repairman

Cityscape is a massive infrastructure that requires consent maintenance in order to function properly. As the Repairman, it is your duty to ensure that all broken industrial elements of the city are fixed in a timely manor. Without your efforts Cityscape would simply stop functioning. Your services are appreciated!

This game will take place in first person and will only require the wand controllers to interact, and a 6 ft x 6 ft space to navigate. You will complete tasks such as repairing broken machines, replacing fuses, solving puzzles and fighting off enemy robots by shooting lasers from the controllers. Occasionally you will switch in to a 3rd person (God mode) where you can navigate your character through a miniature version of the map to cover more ground. The majority of the game play and assets has already been created and optimized for mobile VR. The concept would be a perfect fit for the HTC Vive, and I would be able to meet a November launch date.


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